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More Harry Potter Recs!

So, in an effort to waste time, I dug around in my memories section and the memories sections of some friends and came up with six Harry Potter recommendations that I wanted to share with you all. :)

Tempting Fate by ivyblossom
H/D+R, NC17
Summary: Ron seems to be having a hard time adjusting to his best friend's love life. Draco suggests that the answer is to let Ron join in.
My thoughts: Be aware that I do not tend to like H/R. I just don't read it. But because this story is by Ivy, I decided to give it a chance. I enjoyed it--it's rather heartbreakingly sad in it's own way, but definitely worth the read.

Untitled by calliope14
H/D/R, NC17
Summary: No title or anything here, just pretty much a good old PWP for the sheer hell of it.
My thoughts: This is Callie's attempt at H/D/R that does not have a massive amount of hate or humilation. Again, it's not a trio I usually read, but it's well done and the smut is hot.

Stalemate by aome
Summary: Written for the hprwfqf, the challenge was "Molly and Arthur disapprove of Harry and Ron".
My thoughts: Harry/Ron? Not for me. But this is by Plumeria, who is one of my dearest online friends. I also betaed it. Plu is perhaps the only one who could get me to read--and like--Harry/Ron.

Transfigurations by resonant
H/D, NC17
Novel-length, although it's not divided by chapters but is instead posted as a very long fic
Summary: Five years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts.
My thoughts: In my mind this is one of the classics. It has lovely Post-Hogwarts!H/D and the interactions between the two are believable and beautiful.

Dark Waters by zed_adams
H/D, NC17
Summary: Naked boys and a night swim.
My thoughts: This fic is beautiful. The boys are wonderfully written and the story just makes me melt.

Untitled by copperbadge
Gen, unless you count some Homoerotic Boyish Wrestling between the Puppies, (probably) PG
Summary: Distracting silliness that's fairly frivolous. In which Remus conjurs popcorn, Sirius drinks tea-flavoured whiskey, and Frank Longbottom is a momma's boy.
My thoughts: So cute, as is all of Sam's writing. Fun interactions between Remus and Sirius and various parents of various Gryffindors, with a bit of Bill Weasley thrown in for fun.

And now two art recs, because I didn't see anywhere that they weren't allowed. :D

Sirius/Remus- Puppies at Play by waccawheels
R-rated, probably not work-safe

Sirius/Remus- First Kiss by ildi_bp
R-rated, not work-safe

Enjoy. :)
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