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Various HP Recs

Although my OTP is H/D, I have been bitten by the "Let's read other pairings for once" bug, and have started to develop quite the love and fondness for Sirius/Remus and Percy/Oliver. Both of these loves had previously existed, but they are now being pulled to the forefront. Therefore, below I have a few fic recs that fall into these pairings. :)

Apogee by Bishink
Remus/Sirius, One-shot
Set during the MWPP era
Summary: A children's game that turns into something more... it's their fifth year, and the gang is well into their MWPP heyday.

Seven Things That Didn't Happen at Hogwarts on Valentine's Day, Or Maybe They Did by lupercali
Remus/Sirius, One-shot, Longish
Set during the MWPP era
Summary: "This is the weirdest Valentine's Day yet," Peter mused. / "But not 'ever,'" Remus said dryly.

In This World of Strangers by AjesBlue
Percy/Oliver, Chaptered, Complete
Set after Percy and Oliver's Seventh Year
Set in three parts, the first gives us details into Percy's background, the second let's us see dragons, and the third is all Percy and Oliver

Stealing Harry by copperbadge
Remus/Sirius, WIP
Chapters have various ratings up to NC17
Summary: AU- Meet an eight-year-old Harry Potter, a Sirius Black who never went to Azkaban, a Remus Lupin with a steady income, a Severus Snape who can't help liking his archnemesis' son, and a Peter Pettigrew who thinks he could be the next Voldemort...

Keeper's Secrets by folk
Percy/Oliver, Chaptered, Not sure if it's still a WIP or not
Set during Percy and Oliver's Seventh Year, aka PoA
Summary: Oliver Wood has a secret. So does Percy Weasley. They share the secret of a love that dare not speak its name. Can the Keeper and the Prefect keep their Secrets? And what cost if they don't?

Enjoy. :)
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