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Invisible to See, by pandarus
It's got plot, it's got hot, it's got... woobie!Draco! *cough* Anyway... summary:
Invisible to See is an HP-verse story which isn't written for or about children. It features romance, adventure, betrayal, monsters, sarcasm, bravery and some rather explicit Big Gay Sex. It is very, very, VERY loosely based on Pride and Prejudice -- most sincere apologies to Jane Austen.

I'm only up to Chapter 14, but I am reliably informed that it is complete, 40 chapters, and good value right to the end. Go read it. NC17, Harry/Draco, with, er, other pairings. Yes.

Read it here - invisibletosee. A fic with it's own LJ, ain't that neat?
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