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Schism is a online comic - well, graphic novel, really. It's original, oh, so slashy and beautifully drawn. Also, the artist makes good use of her online media and some pages require flash to work correctly.

As of yet it's still incomplete, but the author updates it every Monday (and sometimes it's even Monday in New Zealand!) and while it's been really good the whole way through, the sheer slashiness is starting to come through. New today was page 9 of chapter 7.

The world it's set in is kinda hard to describe. It's almost post-apocalyptic, only the apocalypse wasn't the Buffy sort of apocalypse. Rather, it's set in a future where computers are really really advanced and it got to the stage where everyone was wireless. And then the schism happened. Something went wrong and all the computers crashed. As a result, computer and 'net usage are tightly controlled by the government. And just about everyone seems to have a white stripe across their hair. I'm not sure why as it's doesn't seem to be because of light.

That's the world in a very small nutshell. I'd try and explain the plot, but it isn't finished yet and things are still being explained. And I couldn't explain anything that has already happened without giving things away.

I cannot recommend this comic highly enough. Crossposted to wellyslash

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